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Platform 2c is totally unique in that it is about giving aspiring actors the platform to be seen on hence the name platform 2c (to see). Many talented actors are struggling to find work simply because they are in the "catch 22" situation of having little or nothing on their cv's. Because of this they rarely get given the opportunity to be in anything simply because they havenít been in anything thus are rarely seen for auditions. Platform 2c is part of the unique real world film and TV training system for Northern Film and Drama www.northernfilmanddrama.com

As we also train actors and have done for nearly 30 years now we came up with the idea of producing an internet soap that can be viewed online and or downloaded to a mobile phone to watch at a later date as a solution to the platform to be seen problem as well as and perhaps most importantly giving actors the best possible training ďon setĒ. Richard of NFD Productions worked for many years in the Telecommunications mobile internet world and this had long been a pet project of his to produce a compelling internet soap as while he was doing research on mobile applications many customer focus groups said they would love to see a short video clip each day. Our initial answer when we started in 2010 was to produce 5 mini series of Platform2c with a switch to filming in 3D once early glasses free 3D phones arrived recognising that this will soon be an area with little content and many devices. As time has gone by we realised with the advent of 3D on demand internet/TV and bigger tablet glasses free devices we should be looking at that area also, so the decision was taken to pause the internet soap and produce instead a series of 60min plus feature length films based around the original P2C format but each would be a separate story in its self.

The first of these was Hollows Wood (3D)

Lord Grantís half brother (Otto) the black sheep of the family returns to the hall to    blackmail his brother into selling off some land to a developer, as he urgently needs cash. The local news paper reporter gets wind of this along with information that suggests senior people in the council planning department are also being blackmailed to make sure the planning goes through. As it shouldn't given it's a protected historic interest site she then decides to stirs things up on an eco groups twitter page to help generate herself a more high profile news story. So while Otto Grant Black and his developer friend are busy pushing the development through at record speed the eco group and its followers are busy planning to stop them! Meanwhile David Grant is busy trying to find a way to help his dad (Lord Grant) to get free of Otto's blackmail threat.

The second is Jail House Dog (3D)

Lord Grantís half brother (Otto) the black sheep of the family gets his revenge after been chased off in Hollows Wood by calling the CTAP (Cruelty to Animals Police) and claiming Lord Grant and various others close to him are being cruel to animals. The CTAP a sinister animal rights organisation purporting to be kind to animals manage to get all the dogs by some very devious means. Lord Grant manages to exert some pressure through friends in the legal system to get the animals back in the upcoming court case. Mean while Otto bribes a dodgy vet to have them all destroyed before that can happen. But before he can do that Billy and Shane break into the CTAP kennels in the middle of the night. Think 101 Dalmatians but with Dachshunds and you are on the right track! Plus EVERYTHING is the other way round in that the normal expected to be good guys are actually the bad guys.

Platform 2c is entirely self funded but for us to grow more effectively with better equipment and bigger crews we are actively looking for sponsors and opportunities to sell what we produce. What ever we get simply goes back into the next production and so we can grow to the benefit of the actors and all involved.

The third is "Sisterhood of the RED Garter" (3D) currently being planned and scripts written due to start filming May 2014.

Platform2c and its films are part of NFD Productions Ltd.


If you'd like to become involved in Platform 2c as an actor or production please contact us +44 (0)1977 681949 or  Email


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