Pease click the links below to watch videos of Platform 2c Web TV Episodes and Platform 2c Films. Most recent video is always sorted to the top of the page. Older videos will require you to scroll further down the list. JUNIOR and TEENAGE section work is indicated by the title. Now filming “CROOKED BILLET II 3D” a feature length 3D  film due to complete late Summer 2018 and episode 3 of Wayward High 3D.

“CROOKED BILLET” (3D) 90 minute Feature Film – TRAILER – Film web site

Mick Smyth-Goodwin a teacher who has an interest in medieval history visits the local church one weekend. There he discovers on a hidden tomb cover, the clue to the whereabouts of a magical biblical staff long since thought lost in the mists of time! Then begins the race to urgently find the staff before others he inadvertently told of his discovery along the way do. Think Da Vinci code with a splash of find the Holy Grail but in this case its the staff Moses used! “Exodus 14: Then the Lord said to Moses, “Why are you crying out to me? Tell the Israelites to move on. Raise your staff and stretch out your hand over the sea to divide the water so that the Israelites can go through the sea on dry ground”

Sisterhood of the Red Garter (3D) (2D version now available via Amazon Prime)

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Jesus Trees is found dead in the sacred woods in some very strange circumstances and the red garter at the murder scene points straight at the Sisterhood of the Red Garter! Odd and supernatural happenings follow quickly in equally strange circumstances. Who committed the murder and will Lord Grant really be stabbed to death? Wacky humour, farting corpses, what more could you possibly want! “Hammer” meets “Monty Python” with a sprinkling of Carry On & “Tom Sharpe” thrown in for good measure!” So off the wall and fresh its positively brilliant”


Wayward High (Taster ONLY for now) – TEENAGE SECTION

We decided to spin off the kids school scenes into a TV series on their own called “Wayward High 3D” and this is now being filmed in tandem with the films. This is as with our films and web series is also filmed in 3D. We believe this is a very unique programme that has the potential to do very well and are now actively looking to get this series aired on TV.

Jailhouse Dog (3D) (2D version now available via Amazon Prime)

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Lord Grant’s half brother (Otto) gets his revenge by calling the CTAP (Cruelty to Animals Police) and claiming Lord Grant and others close to him are being cruel to animals. Then CTAP a sinister animal rights organisation purporting to be kind to animals yet they destroy more than they save, manage to get all the dogs by some very devious means. Lord Grant manages to exert some pressure through friends in the legal system to get the animals back in the upcoming court case. Mean while Otto bribes a dodgy vet to have them all destroyed before that can happen.


Beyond the Spitfire (Short Film) – JUNIOR SECTION

A young lad day dreams himself back to the Battle of Britain and narrowly escapes being bombed!

Hollows Wood (3D) (Shown on USA TV Austin Texas Christmas/New Year 2014)

(2D version now available via Amazon Prime)

Product DetailsLord Grants half brother (Otto) the black sheep of the family returns to the hall to blackmail his brother into selling off some land to a developer, as he urgently needs cash. The local news paper reporter gets wind of this along with information that suggests senior people in the council planning department are also being blackmailed to make sure the planning goes through. As it shouldn’t given it’s a protected historic interest site she then decides to stirs things up on an eco groups twitter page to help generate herself a more high profile news story. So while Otto Grant and his developer friend are busy pushing the development through at record speed the eco group and its followers are busy planning to stop them! Meanwhile David Grant is busy trying to find a way to help his dad (Lord Grant) to get free of Otto’s blackmail threat.


Platform 2c Web TV Series 5 (3D)

Platform 2c Web TV Series 4 (3D)

Platform 2c Web TV Series 3 (3D)

Becoming 8 (Short Film) – JUNIOR SECTION (Award Winner London Short Film Festival)

Becoming Eight is about a little boy called Jake who doesn’t like to draw too much attention to himself as he doesn’t have the best home life. The bullies at his school pick on him at any opportunity as they sense he is different. On his eighth birthday he attends school and attention is focused upon him as it is his special day however the bullies humiliate him more than ever. Feeling miserable he takes action and seeks revenge in a courageous twist.

Platform 2c Web TV Series 2 (3D)

Platform 2c Web TV Series 1 (3D)

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